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#3 A Stand-Alone Mystery

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She’s successfully solved three murders…

…as a fake psychic.

So why is her reputation now on the line?

One might think Olivia’s a jinx, especially when she’s at the town’s annual Fourth of July gala and there’s another murder. Four in four months is a lot. Within hours after seven people get hand-delivered an invitation to a reunion—one ends up dead.

A coincidence?

Or are the invitees on a hit list?

Madame Mystic, a.k.a. Olivia, needs to get involved because her kind-hearted friend Daisy is one of the seven—and none of the six left can provide any insight.

But does Daisy know more than she’s telling?

Olivia needs to find out fast without getting in the sheriff’s way. She knows he suspects she’s a sham (smart man). He’s asked her not to interfere and knows how to do his job.

Why is he asking her for help now?

She’ll need to be careful.

But how can she and her best friend dig for clues if a hovering deputy is waiting for a sign from Olivia’s bogus spirit guide?

You’ll love this cozy mystery because who doesn’t like it when the law asks for help from a good-hearted charlatan?

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