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#2 A Stand-Alone Mystery

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Sometimes an impossible request can change everything…

Olivia Twist is back in Shadow Falls on a mission…to seek forgiveness from ex-friends for her past crime.

But she’s in a pickle. Incognito as a phony psychic, revealing her identity isn’t an option. So, how is she supposed to make amends?

Then, an ex-friend, Mallory, asks Madame Mystic, a.k.a. Olivia, for help. She’s thrilled until Mallory asks her to “divine” who committed an unsolved murder two decades ago.

Impossible. Can’t be done. Not with tea leaves, tarot cards or one of her new crystal balls. Stuck, Olivia makes a wild claim…

…As a psychic sleuth-in-training, she will use her powers to find the killer. Then Olivia secretly drags her grandmother and best friend into the investigation to help trick the close-mouthed original suspects into coughing up clues. 

Turns out not everyone likes it when a cold case heats up, and as Olivia gets closer to the truth…the unthinkable happens.

Can a crystal ball save her after all?

Old News and Tea-Leaf Clues is a stand-alone story and the second cozy mystery in the Madame Mystic Makes Amends series. 

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