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#5 A Stand-Alone Mystery

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A book as phony as her psychic visions…but does it contain a murder clue?

When Olivia’s friend Deena wants to turn her inherited manor into a used bookstore, she runs into unexpected opposition from a tenant with an outrageous allegation…

…Deena seeks out Madame Mystic, a.k.a. Olivia, for psychic advice–is the tenant telling the truth? Impossible for a fake fortune teller to divine, yet Olivia is determined to help her friend.

But when Deena’s aunt gets arrested for murdering the tenacious tenant, Deena now wants Madame Mystic and her sleuthing partner Annie to prove her aunt innocent.

Despite stumbling upon a book concealing compelling clues, obstacles thwart the amateur sleuths’ progress…

…like a cat who disrupts the investigation at the dead guy’s memorial, a chase on a moped that isn’t up to speed and a plan to serve flaming Baked Alaska to shed light on a suspect that backfires.

To catch the killer, Olivia delves deeper into reading the hidden signs in the book’s clues.

Can she read them better than she can read a crystal ball?

This stand-alone story is the 5th in the Madame Mystic Makes Amends cozy mystery series. If you’re captivated by two friends turned amateur sleuths, an intricate web of whodunnit clues, and still believe in second-chance friendships…

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