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Cozy Mystery

#1 A Stand-Alone Mystery

A one-time gig as a fake psychic backfires when her ex-best friend is accused of murder.

Now Olivia’s stuck with an itchy wig until she can find the killer.

You’ll love this cozy mystery because everyone adores a tale of making amends with a bit of crime-solving thrown in for good measure.

#2 A Stand-Alone Mystery

An impossible demand–divine the murderer for a 13-year-old cold case.

No way.

So why did Olivia say yes?

You’ll adored this cozy mystery because everyone loves it when a cold case catches fire. Well, almost everyone.

#3 A Stand-Alone Mystery

Seven hand-delivered invitations containing a death threat–followed by a murder. 
Is there a killer with a hit list in Shadow Falls? 
Olivia must find out before her friend is targeted, but does Daisy know more than she’s saying?

#4 A Stand-Alone Mystery

Olivia swore she’d never go over the legal line again. But if she doesn’t a killer might go free. Will her nutty best friend Annie, help or hinder her?

You’ll adore this cozy mystery because who doesn’t love a heist disguised as a road trip?

#5 A Stand-Alone Mystery

A book as phony as her psychic visions…but does it contain a murder clue? To catch a killer, Olivia delves deeper into reading the hidden signs in the book’s clues.
Can she read them better than she can read a crystal ball?