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Just when Olivia thought she was well on the path to redemption by helping one ex-friend at a time, she got hit with a request to channel the dead.

So, how’s a fake psychic supposed to do that?

You’ll love this cozy mystery because everyone loves justice even if it’s 25 years later.

Cozy on Up for a Murder with Olivia, Annie, GG and Their Friends in Shadow Falls!

This series about an amateur sleuth in disguise is a mishmash of some of my favorite things. Justice. Friendship. Personality profiling. Shadow work. The television show, Psych. And at times, a touch of romance.

I know, random stuff, but it seems to work. I hope you think so too. The bottom line, this series is about how one woman betrayed eight friends and how far she’ll go for redemption—and along the way solve a few murders.

Murder Calls at Shadow Falls is an absolute delight! I loved everything about it; the heroine searching for redemption, a second chance friendship, amateur sleuth in disguise and murderous lemon tarts. Five stars for this sweet and deadly treat!

Molly O’Keefe USA Today Bestselling Author

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